As naturopathic doctors, we believe that proper nutrition is essential to maximize health. What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on the way we feel. We are experts in nutritional counseling and always incorporate this into our treatment plans. We offer guidelines on general healthy eating habits, as well as specific dietary recommendations to address dysfunction. While it might be obvious that dietary changes can affect our digestion and bowel habits. Diet optimization is also crucial in treating hormone dysfunction, mood irregularities, energy levels, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, allergies, and so much more. One of the first things that we do as naturopathic doctors is remove obstacles to cure. Dietary factors are often a major obstacle that must be addressed.

  When we ask you to make dietary changes we will also educate you on why we are doing so. Learning about healthy eating habits and food hygiene can be empowering, and enable you to take charge of your own healing journey. We recognize that change can be difficult. We work to consistently steer you towards better health, in steps that feel achievable. We find that proper support and education make a significant difference in success when attempting these kinds of lifestyle changes.



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