Homeopathy is physics at its best and most useful. Homeopathy’s directive tells us that whatever the problem, the solution lies within the puzzle itself. Organization has no distance from chaos. When our bodies fall into a diseased (disorganized) process-whether acute or chronic – our bodies can recognize the impulse (the homeopathic) for the solution (organization).

Homeopathy is the practice of using extremely small doses of natural substances to treat sickness and/or discomfort. It is based in the principle of “like cures like”, meaning the best substance for treatment may be very similar to that of the cause. Full Circle Natural Medical Clinic has used homeopathy for over 35 years training with world-renowned homeopathic leaders such as Dr. Francisco Eiziyaga, Dr. Lou Klein, Ananda Zaren, Dr. Amy Rothenberg, Dr. Paul Herscu, and Dr. Robin Murphy.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy uses highly diluted, potentized substances (remedies) to bring order (healing) into a disordered (diseased) system. Because the substances are highly diluted, the patient can experience greater healing with minimal (if any) side effects. Because every person is different, so might be the homeopathic remedy that is right for them. As such, we provide individualized treatment to each patient, matching a particular patient with the remedy that is right for them, not just their symptoms.

Homeopathy is an important adjunct that can be used in both chronic and acute disorders.

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