Conditions & Symptoms

Our providers treat a wide variety of symptoms, conditions, and illnesses. Our team views the body and its systems as a whole, looking at the interplay between them as indicators pointing to the underlying causes of imbalance. Specific diseases and imbalances are not the complete focus; they are clues pointing to a larger landscape. Rather than only focusing on erasing symptoms one at a time, our team determines the underlying cause of each patient’s symptoms. This allows true healing to take place, without fear of symptoms reappearing or new symptoms surfacing.

Following is just a partial list of the conditions most commonly treated:

Adrenal Insufficiency




Autoimmune Disease

Back Pain

Chronic Disease

Chronic Joint Injury


Digestive Disorders

Eye Disorders



Health Optimization

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Hormone Dysregulation

Leaky Gut

Migraines and Headaches

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Neck Pain

Thyroid Conditions

Urinary Incontinence

Weight Loss Resistance

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