Mission, Vision, & Values

Everything we do is surrounded by purpose and rooted in values.
Because of our unique mission, vision, and set of values, we are able to better connect with and provide care for our patients.

Mission of Our Naturopathic Clinic

Using natural and non-suppressive therapies to achieve our purpose of providing our patients with the highest quality healthcare available in the world today.

The Values of Our Naturopathic Providers

At full Circle Natural Medical Clinic, we embody the following ideals in order to accomplish the unique vision and purpose of our business practice:

Unified Vision of Our Staff at Full Circle Natural Medical Clinic

Our team takes pride in our primary purpose of helping others through natural, holistic treatment. We value our patients and our role in helping them find natural solutions to what ails them—extending beyond relieving pain and increasing the expression of human potential at the highest-functioning level.



We value honesty, integrity, and reliability. We practice empathy and demonstrate respect for others. We always strive to communicate transparently.



We create an environment that treats every patient and employee like family, where each person is part of the greater purpose of personalized care to better our patients’ physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.



We embody positivity, fun, love, help, encouragement, passion, determination, appreciation of others, and motivation. We carry ourselves professionally.



We pursue knowledge and growth—both personal and professional—continuously. We engage in mentally stimulating development in order to perform at the highest level.


Forward Thinking

our team encourages innovation through collaboration of its team members. As a team, we face challenges head on and embrace each other’s point of view in order to bring about solutions to issues, situations, and problems we encounter and move into the future. We stay open to the ideas of others and are aware and respectful of differing processes.



We are teachable, coachable, and manageable. We check egos and “baggage” at the door, embrace change, and work as a team to learn from our mistakes, and grow into the best versions of ourselves.



We are a productive, goal-oriented, and effective team. We strive to achieve an excellent work ethic and persevere toward achieving our goals. We are committed to Present Time Consciousness (PTC) with our patients, team members, and the tasks at hand.



Our office is professional, organized, and efficient—employing systems to enable consistency.



We are health conscious and engage in healthy practices in our own lives so we can better serve our patients.

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