Who is Dr. Amy Haynes and what does she believe?

“The gift of life gives us the opportunity to become more than what we were born to be, to expand our potential beyond our birthright. For that to happen, health has to be a number one priority. Wholesomeness and integrity brings into alignment with our place in this beautiful web of nature. When we live in alignment, when our vital force is nourished, we can’t help but evolve. Ideally, we want that to flow quickly and effortlessly. The puzzle pieces are in place. The poetic expression of who we are is manifest. That makes a better world for all of us, and God’s plan of heaven on earth is a step closer to being realized. “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


“It is as if we are all inside a huge epic poem, an ocean of poem. We live in metaphor, deep and shallow. As we age, our wisdom resides in our ability to find a place in this poem and provide the next line or stanza. We never really know the end before our bodies end, but as we age we gain confidence in our ability to predict or to write how it all goes down. I love helping with the re-writes.”

I believe We are as healthy as our relationships to each other, to the land and to our creator.
I believe that some answers live outside the box of our beliefs, our opinions and our feelings.
I believe that clarity happens when we shift our paradigms.
I believe that fixing cellular inflammation is the key to relief from chronic disease.
I believe that for me to help you, I need to know you.
I believe that there is a reason to pain and suffering.
I believe that The story needs to make sense.
I believe that all living beings possess an intelligent, divine spark called the Vital Force, gives us an innate ability to heal.

I know that I am good at what I do.
I know that I am a work in progress.

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