5 years ago, I was working with a patient who had severe knee pain. We were successful with her prolotherapy treatments; so it took me by surprise when she told me she was mad at me. 

“Why didn’t I hear about you years ago!” she growled. Cautiously, I tiptoed back into decades of medical training.

“Tell me more about that,” I said.

“I’ve been limiting my activities for years when all this time you had the training to fix me!” 

At that moment, I realized, my sister was right, I really am selfish.


From that point on, I understood that I had both a duty and an opportunity to let people know about regenerative therapy. Online blogging is a great way to provide you with the level of understanding you may need to make the best choice for your health prior to making an appointment.


I hope you find this resource useful and helpful to you in the weeks to come! 

Until Next Time, 

Dr. Amy Haynes