Buteyko Breathing Method


Why Do I Have to Learn How to Breath?

The breath has inspired our development since humanity began. Without proper respiration our cellular function would slow down, creating an imbalance in our body’s abilities to stay within metabolic normals.

We are highly adaptable creatures, and the respiration centers in our brains have adapted to the increasing levels of stress in our modern world. This has lead to hyperventilation imbalances in our oxygen regulation.

Through normalizing our breath, we can reset our respiratory centers and improve oxygenation, athletic performance and emotional balance, as well as countless physical complaints including sleep apnea, asthma, allergies and anxiety.

In today’s stressful world, people often adopt chronic hyperventilation behavior, which occurs unconsciously, resulting in chronic health problems. The Buteyko method consists of breathing exercises specially designed to restore normal breathing patterns and greatly reduce asthma and other symptoms related to hyperventilation.

Buteyko Breathing Technique is a drug-free approach to achieving safe and effective control over asthma, hyperventilation and related conditions. The Buteyko method teaches you to control your symptoms through simple breathing exercise-without the use of drugs. As you practice and adapt these breathing exercises into your life, you will find your need for medication can be cut dramatically.

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