Who is Dr. Amy  Haynes?

Dr. Amy Haynes is a naturopathic doctor who has been practicing holistic medicine in Missoula, Montana for over 35 years. Using natural means to treat the whole body, rather than simply masking symptoms, Dr. Amy is able to determine the root cause of an ailment and help her patients heal from the inside out and experience a better quality of life. 

Dr. Amy grew up in a suburb of Detroit and was inflicted with numerous health issues. Her own conditions drove her to pursue a career in medicine. After attending the University of Michigan and realizing that traditional western medicine wasn’t the right place for her, she transitioned the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Portland Oregon. Upon graduation, she moved to Montana and started her practice, where she has been working towards helping the community with their health since 1984.

Dr. Amy is passionate about utilizing methods and natural substances to minimize the risk of harmful effects and apply the least possible force or intervention necessary to diagnose illness and restore health. With long term patients, Dr. Amy focuses on preventative care so her patients to obtain their optimal health.

What does Dr. Amy Haynes believe?

Naturopathic medicine is centered on treating the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit. In alignment with this philosophy, Dr. Amy practices holistic care, attending to the body’s needs in order to support the mind and the spirit. 

She holds a belief that the gift of life gives us the opportunity to become more than what we were born to be, to expand our potential beyond our birthright. For that to happen, health has to be a number one priority. Wholesomeness and integrity bring us into alignment with our place in this beautiful web of nature. When we live in alignment, when our body and mind are nourished, we can become our best, healthiest selves. Ideally, we want to flow quickly and effortlessly.


Dr. Amy believes we are as healthy as our relationships with each other, with the land, and with our creator.
Dr. Amy believes that some answers live outside of the box of our beliefs, our opinions, and our feelings.
Dr. Amy believes that clarity happens when we shift our paradigms.
Dr. Amy believes that fixing cellular inflammation is the key to relief from chronic disease.
Dr. Amy believes that for her to help you, she needs to know you.
Dr. Amy believes that there is a reason for pain and suffering.
Dr. Amy believes that the story needs to make sense.
Dr. Amy believes that all living beings possess an intelligent, divine spark called the Vital Force, which gives us an innate ability to heal.

How Can Dr. Amy Haynes Help You?

Dr. Amy is highly skilled in a wide array of natural healthcare treatments. Some of the ones she is most passionate about are:

Ozone Therapy

Dr. Amy loves providing ozone therapy for her patients. It seems so simple, such an obvious treatment because it uses oxygen, an essential element to life! Ozone works beautifully—killing microbes and stimulating healing. Because it can’t be patented, it’s available to everyone. The applications of ozone therapy are endless—from treating bacterial infections to enhancing anti-aging. It can insufflate into an orifice, be injected into a joint or sinus, and be infused into the blood. 


Chronic Pain is horrible. It alters the course of lives by limiting our decision-making abilities.  Like a thief, it steals our ability to feel pleasure in our lives. Patients come to us broken and in pain and, using prolotherapy, Dr. Amy enables their bodies to heal themselves. A month or so after treatment, they are better, without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr. Amy uses and loves prolotherapy as a means of treating chronic pain because it proves that our bodies are designed to heal. 

Other Services Provided By Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy is experienced in everything from acupuncture to labor and delivery. She is capable and experienced in full body healthcare, including every service offered in our clinic. See the full list of services here. 


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